the 101 Workshop


never be the smartest person in the room

The concept of learning is a fascinating one. What is happening in your brain when you're exposed to new information and then you integrate it into yourself? Whether you reject that information as false or you utilize it to benefit your decision making, somehow, just by being exposed to the information, we've learned.

To me, this is not only fascinating but among the most exciting and enjoyable things that I can do daily. I'm not always the best learner and sometimes I'm downright stubborn about my old ways. But when something clicks and I get that moment of Oh! I get it! nothing is sweeter :-)

This is what the 101 Workshop is all about.

In the 101 Workshop, you'll be exposed to the basics of exposure and composition and how your camera SEES (and why it's different than what you see.) How to find and shoot things that are interesting and beautiful. How to tell stories with your imagery and how to build that foundation on which your photography and videography journey can flourish.

Workshop dates are posted and announced at the blog.

The 101 Workshop | What you'll Learn

  • how the camera sees vs how we see
  • smart phone photography
  • how to properly set your exposure
  • the different modes on your camera
  • lens basics
  • seeing and finding light
  • composition 
  • how to make interesting and beautiful photos
  • and more!