Making Videos and Movies That Don't Suck.


No one cares about a story that doens't relate to them in some way. The trick is to get them to identify with what you're saying.


The better you know the rules of the game, the more you can bend them to suit your needs.

This is true in almost any endeavor -- from sports to politics to culinary arts. It's not different in cinematic storytelling.

The best cinematic storytellers of our time spent a lifetime learning the craft so they can create stories that resonate with us in ways we've never felt before. Scorsese does it, Spielberg and Nolan do it. Fincher, Fellini, Malick, Wes Anderson; the list of storytellers that break the mold goes on and on.

But they can only break the mold if they know what the mold is supposed to look like.

If you're looking for a unique voice with which to tell your story, consider the voices that know how to properly tell a story.

Then consider the voices that can properly push the storytelling boundaries just enough to create something special and unique. Unique like the story they're telling.

If given the chance, I can be that storyteller for you.