Think of me as your friend who takes photos and videos for a living.


Andrew is your average atypical Asian stereotype and a self-monikered 'Captain Suburbia.'

Having grown up in a Bay Area suburb with parents who did not fit the Tiger Parent stereotype, Andrew was able to nurture his creativity and did not fit in with the studious, high-achieving peers he considered friends. As a result of less structure in his upbringing and more freedom to explore and develop his right brain, Andrew found work as a digital artist in the early days of digital art and shortly thereafter, abandoned his collegiate studies and dropped out of school. Academia wasn't difficult, but it never suited him.

Eventually, Andrew found work in the video game industry and climbed the proverbial corporate ladder up to the level of Art Director where he managed a small team of artists. After being laid off during the chaos that was later known as the 'Dot Com Crash,' Andrew dusted himself off and started his own business making progressive wedding films that turned the paradigm of boring wedding videos on its head.

In 2003, Andrew introduced the 'Same Day Edit' in the Bay Area and is considered a pioneer of SDE wedding videos in America. Andrew has since been recognized among his peers as a veteran contributor and leader in the wedding cinema industry. He continues to improve his craft and passionately tells the stories of any bride, groom, and client that is looking for a storyteller that can tell their tale with a dynamic perspective and a unique voice. 

Andrew lives in San Ramon, California with his wife, Annie and two teen children.

Andrew enjoys the occasional video game session; going to the movies by himself; sketching in his Moleskine notebook; shooting a few rounds at the gun range; and going on short hikes with his Chocolate Lab named Cade (sounds like "Katie.")

He often longs to return to Paris, and most days he would settle for an afternoon with friends, some good conversation, and a hot cup of coffee.

Andrew and his wife and kids, (left to right: Hannah, Annie, Andrew, Zach)

Andrew and his wife and kids, (left to right: Hannah, Annie, Andrew, Zach)