Wedding CINEMA



True to Life
When tasked with retelling true life events that unfold in real-time, the storyteller must capture the entirety of the event in all it's juicy details but condense it into a vial of concentrated emotion without betraying the essence of the fluctuations of the event itself.


Studio MSV began as a wedding videography company. As I shot more weddings and edited more videos, I began to notice that some of the movies I made for brides compelled me and ranked among my favorites. And, conversely, some weren't so beloved.

In my pursuit to understand why this was the case and how to better myself, I began to read and research the art of cinematic storytelling.

What I discovered was that the wedding day, as it traditionally unfolded actually created dissonance in the way we are trained to listen to stories.

It was this realization; the realization that true life chronology doesn't always -- in fact, rarely -- equates to a good story, that enticed me to futher understand story structure and story archetypes.

When I grasped this more firmly (and I'm always still practicing techniques, learning new ideas, and trying to absorb what master storytellers have to teach me,) I was able to apply these techniques to my couple's movies as well as in my corporate and commercial video work.

If given the chance, I can do the same for you.