the 102 Workshop


consider this an octane boost

Maybe you're an acomlished photographer but you are missing a bit of the spark that you used to have.
Maybe you're a video guy looking to cross over to photo. Or a photographer looking to go to the Dark Side.

For whatever reason, you want to get a shot of adrenaline; a turbo boost or a kick in the pants to get over the hump; get out of the rut.

This workshop is for you.

We'll go over the basics and reignite your passion. We'll examine new techniques of seeing light or speeding up your metering process. No more chimping! We'll go over best practices for directing your subject and making your shoot go smoothly.

We'll examine closely why your lack of storytelling equates to your lack of passion and how to re-energize all of your projects. Looking at photography from a cinematographer's point of view and looking at cinema from a photographic perspective will help you gain a new perspective on your work.

Workshop dates are posted and announced at the blog.

The 102 Workshop | What you'll Learn

  • nail your exposure everytime
  • directing your subject
  • how the story is the key that unlocks your creativity
  • reignite passion into your work and your shoot
  • why our photos are composed wrong and we don't even know it
  • seeing light like an artist
  • working with kids and grumps
  • how to make anyone look beautiful in your photos
  • and more!