the 103 Workshop


professional collaboration

Allow yourself room to grow. Learning new things is a combination of accepting new idea and information as well as letting go of the old. Sometimes the best way to create beautiful, fresh, and exciting things is to kill off the old, boring, and dying. This is difficult to do on your own so we can team up and do it together.

Learn new ideas about editing, directing, motivation, as well as best practices for your business and  balancing your personal life. For the jaded old professional (yes, that title fits me too!) this professional collaboration and accountability workshop is just what we need.

Workshop dates are posted and announced at the blog.

The 103 Workshop | What you'll Learn

  • why your work isn't popping like it used to
  • getting the most out of your subject
  • how the story is the key that unlocks your creativity
  • reignite passion into your work and your shoot
  • seeing light like you've never seen it before
  • best practices and work/life balance
  • and more!