Find the Workshop for You

You are different today than you are even a week ago. You learn and practice and change your tastes. That doesn't even begin to address the differences between you and another person!

Studio MSV Workshops are designed to be flexible because people are different and have different needs. When I hold a workshop, I keep it small so I can address each person's personal needs and questions.

Whether you are a hobbyist trying to get some good pics of your kids or a seasoned professional looking to find some inspiration and accountability, we have something for you.

We have workshops for either photography or videography.

Just inquire below and let me know what you're thinking.


the 101

You consider yourself a hobbyist or a beginner but you have big ideas and your vision spills over your cup of skills.
We start at the beginning: the foundation.

The tallest skyscrapers start with a firm foundation. That's what we offer in the One-O-One workshop. Bring your DSLR, switch it to video mode, bring your iphone or your point-and-shoot; it doesn't matter. We got you covered.

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the 102


You got the basics and then some. You're already taking pictures or video you are proud of. But you need a kick in the pants and you want to get to the next level.

How can storytelling help you get there? We have the answer to this question as well as a whole host of other tidbits you won't believe you didn't already know and tips you wish you had been doing all this time. Hit us up.

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The 103


You're a professional photographer or videographer and have tens of thousands of hours of hard-fought hours in your arsenal of experience. But youre feeling a bit in a rut and need to be inspired. This workshop is designed to challenge you and get you off your bum and back into that exciting creative space you loved so much when things were fresh. Smash that contact button and let's do this together. More information →