top 3 objectives

3. Never Be the Smartest Person in the Room

2. Live, Breathe Creativity and Innovation; Laugh a Lot and Love Going to Work

1. Help People


work philosophy

Build your enterprise around helping people and you will build an enterprise that never runs out of business.
— my realization on a shoot in santa barbara circa 2009


Founder, Creative Director
Studio MSV (June 2003-Present)

  • Founded Bay Area’s first High-End, All Digital Wedding Cinema Production Studio
  • Spearheaded marketing makeover and strategic and brand-alignment to tremendous revenue growth
  • +200% increase in referrals from 2013-2014 in spite of smallest marketing budget to date, with a ~80% conversion rate
  • First to American/Bay Area market with "Same Day Edit" service (2003)
  • Recipient of numerous industry awards and blue ribbons including a Creative Excellence Award from world’s largest event video association, WEVA

Creative Director, Producer
Notable Contributions, Various Companies (1994-2003)

  • While managing creative team, doubled productivity by only increasing 1/3 headcount (Radica International)
  • Creative ideation that led to new niche in digital entertainment called the "interactive
    comic book" (Inverse Ink)
  • Shipped over a dozen titles with recognizable brands such as Tiger Woods, NASCAR,
    Barbie, Batman, Superman, NCAA, and more (Global VR, EA Sports, Inverse Ink)
  • Charitable and pro-bono work for non-profits associated with or featured such as
    Derek Carr, SF Giants, Jack Dorsey, and others. (Play4Him, Build.Org)
  • Keynote speaker, guest speaker, multiple industry symposiums, associations and events


  • Consummate Storyteller capable of ingesting people’s stories and turning them into actionable objectives; communicate clearly to internal and external stakeholders; transform the mundane
    into the remarkable through multiple mediums.

  • Natural leader with clarity of vision;excels at nurturing meaningful relationships that can cultivate excellence in others and self.

  • 8-years in gaming and multimedia industry as team leader and top production artist, 13-years founding and growing leading photography/video production studio.



| Andrew Hsu | | mobile 510.604.5510 |


  • Leverage my storytelling skills for a company that either has an important message to tell or cares to listen to customer stories.
  • Establish a legacy of excellence for myself and for my team.
  • Never be the smartest person in the room – find persons from whom I can continue to learn and improve myself and my company.
  • Live and breathe creativity and innovation, laugh a lot and love going to work.
  • Help people.


  • Ability to hear people’s stories, ingest them, empathize, and translate them into actionable objectives.
  • Excellent communicator that can bring clarity and leadership to internal and external teams or clients.
  • Consummate storyteller experienced in multiple media disciplines including film, photography, cinematography, video editing, illustration, graphic design, directing, and a full gamut of other production and creative skills needed for today's agile and media-centric marketplace.
  • Innovative, resourceful, and motivated problem-solving acquihire that works well under pressure and short deadlines; has a clear understanding of production team hierarchies and workflow pipelines.
  • Clarity of vision useful for leading projects from pre-production; to production; through post-production, on time, on budget, and in varying levels of pressure. Can improvise and stay agile regardless of obstacles.
  • Eight years’ experience in the video game industry heading up creative teams as well as executing best practices, in-the-trenches production, and leadership.
  • 13+ years’ experience owning and operating successful best-in-class Bay Area photography and video production studio. Have worked with Fortune 500 brands as well as local communities and non-profits to help bring success through precision targeted messaging.
  • Excel at building relationships that nurture loyalty beyond a generic brand experience both internally and externally.
  • Can transform the mundane into the remarkable through photographic, written, cinematic, and other visual media.
  • Believe that building an enterprise around helping people means building an enterprise that never goes out of business.


Jun 2003



















May 1994
Jan 2003



































Studio MSV
Notable Achievements




















Studio MSV
Notable Contract Experience














Inverse Ink
Global VR
Radica LTD
EA Sports



















Freelance and charity work










Owner/CEO, Producer/Director


  • Managed Communications, Marketing and Public Relations, Director of Photography, and Creative Director duties.
  • Visual design and communications maven; subject matter expert in photo and video production for events, corporate promotion, marketing, fashion photography and videography.
  • Within a limited Bay Area client pool, increased revenue by focusing on high-yield, boutique clientele rather than pursuing the high volume model.
  • Listened carefully to market-driven demands for innovation rather than tech fads when thoughtleadership was not essential. Reduced capital expenses by offering new tech only when the market demanded it and not before.
  • Exercised thought-leadership when it mattered and increased net revenue by reducing costs:
    • Demonstrated best-in-class innovation by pioneering the Same-Day Edit in the American wedding videography industry and helping to bring it to ubiquity. Increased revenue, reduced workload.
    • Was among the first to market in offering cloud-based streaming video products and simultaneously reduced expenses of material goods, delivery costs, and tax obligations.
  • Spearheaded a complete marketing makeover in 2007 that increased revenue by 300% from three years prior (2004)
  • Managed creative campaigns in the following years after 2007 to increase gross income 240% over the next six years (2013)
  • By thinking strategically, aligning with high value brands, using creativity and being among the first to arrive in social media marketing, reduced marketing spending by 58% from 2009 to 2010 but increased gross revenue by 20% in the same period. Reduced marketing spending again by 14% in 2012 to 2013 and increased gross revenue another 57% in the same period.
  • Increased brand awareness with smallest marketing budget to date, resulting in 200% increase in referrals from 2013 to 2014.
  • Awarded Creative Excellence Award by WEVA (world’s largest international videography association) and multiple First Place Blue Ribbons in videography competitions by BAPVA (Bay Area Professional Videographers Association.)
  • Founded, a showcase for wedding professionals to ideate, network and to flex creative muscles in ways ‘normal’ paying clients wouldn’t allow.
  • Instrumental in inspiring the launch of Wish Upon A Wedding, a 501(c) charity committed to bringing dream weddings to terminally ill couples.
  • Keynote speaker at inaugural Wedding360 symposium (2009)
  • Invited keynote speaker on Storytelling at BAWN (Bay Area Wedding Network) Day of Education Event.
  • Director of Photography, Campaign | Eileen Fisher (2010)
  • Lead Cinematographer, Campaign | West Elm (2010)
  • Director of Photography, Campaign | Rue Magazine (2010)
  • Lead Editor, Director of Photography, Multiple campaigns | Today’s Bride Magazine (2010-2014)
  • Exclusive Photographer | Los Angeles Auto Show (2012)
  • Creative Director, Online Commercial Spot | Estée Lauder (2012)
  • Creative Director, Campaign | (2012)
  • Consultant/Creative Director, multiple events | Wish Upon A Wedding (2012-2014)
  • Art Director, video production | Wizeline (2014-2017)
  • Art Director, video production | Verkada (2017-present)
  • Director of Photography | ‘Bay Area cell phone giant’ (2015-present)

Other clients include:

  • West Elm
  • Eileen Fisher
  • Green Flower
  • Glitter Guide
  • Besser Associates
  • Many others
  • Wells Fargo
  • VMWare
  • Estée Lauder
  • Madame Tussauds
  • American Business Awards
  • Ooyala
  • St. George Spirits

Art Director, Game Designer, Manager, Lead artist, 3D/2D artist, Animator, Lead UI/UX

  • Managed team of creatives for the PlayTV line of interactive video toy products including Mattel’s Barbie Dance Party, Baseball 2, Boxing, Barbie Dance Party and others.
  • Lead artist for The Tick, Batman, Superman, Life with Louie digital comic books, Jackie Chan Screen Saver, and Reflux I, II, III, an award-winning live-action graphic novel.
  • Helped create a new niche of entertainment product known as the digital graphic novel.
  • Created best-in-class graphics for arcade game titles including EA SPORTS PGA TOUR Golf arcade game, INCOMING, BEACH HEAD 2000, BEACH HEAD 2002, and others.
  • Worked in association with Paramount Studios, FOX Kids, and Golden Harvest Studios on multiple digital entertainment titles.
  • EA Sports production credits include NASCAR Rumble, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001, Knockout Kings 2000 and 2001, March Madness 98 and 99, and Knockout Kings 2001 (PS2)

Other Notable Accomplishments

  • Creative Team headcount increased by 33% under my management yet productivity doubled from working on one product to two, simultaneously (Radica LTD)
  • Participated in a focus group for Adobe software users and influenced the implementation of “layers” into Photoshop. (Inverse Ink)
  • Helped incubate the first iterations of VR gaming machines for public consumption. (Global VR)
  • Helped bring value to outdated IPs by revitalizing them in a new line of digital titles. (Inverse Ink)
  • Credited by CEO as creating the idea of digital comic books, the concept that launched Inverse Ink from ‘mom and pop’ to ‘pop phenomenon’
  • Was part of the first team in EA Sports history to be awarded a PlayStation 2 as a bonus.
  • Was part of the last team in EA Sports history to willingly work overtime without pay. /s
  • Excellent work ethic and quality of work helped lead to Global VR acquisition by GameCom.

ought out and acquired multiple media projects involving digital art, photography, special effects, video
production, editing, and graphic design. Including contract for Nestlé Corporation ad campaign, for Game
Boy Advanced
, co-Illustration of an independent comic book title, multiple Art Director assignments for
companies and titles including 3D6 Games, Disney’s Atlantis, and others.

Have worked at multiple charitable foundations and worked on a pro bono or discounted basis to help lift the
foundation’s image or visibility through video campaigns or photographic event coverage, strategically
fulfilling my principle that building an enterprise around helping people is key to personal and professional

  • Creative Director at
  • Photographer at Gala
  • Video Producer at Wish Upon a Wedding
  • Literature Committee Chair at
  • Video Producer for Teen Esteem
  • Photographer at American Heart Association
  • Video Producer at
  • Video Producer at Mission Housing Development


  • Husband to my wife of 19 years and father to two high-school-aged children. Nearly all of my aspirations are singularly focused on nurturing their success and showing my love for them.
  • Insatiable appetite for cinema and good storytelling of all forms.
  • Drawing and sketching (and more recently, clay sculpting!) is the most cathartic activity for me. Sitting with a pen and a Moleskine sketchpad is my happy place.
  • I can make friends with anyone as long as they’re honest with themselves and others.
  • Longing to return to Paris.
  • Might settle for good conversation and a hot cup of coffee.